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Whether it be planning an extension, remodelling or even a DIY job, by following some practical, simple steps you can achieve a more functional, spacious looking bathroom.

Unfortunately for many with older style houses, bathrooms back then were limited in size. Nowadays, newer homes tend to have larger, brighter bathroom and for good reason. If you are challenged by lack of space, have a think about these simple ideas to create a versatile bathroom without knocking down walls!

1. Colour patterns. Introduce colour sparingly. Remember what works for you may not work for others and by introducing dark or bold colours can tend to make a bathroom appear smaller. Instead, opt for light, natural colours that won’t date as quickly and give your bathroom a fresh look. Colours can be introduced through towels and accessories. “Cool” colours give the feeling of serenity.
2. Opt for small fixtures. If you have a small bathroom by installing a vanity half the size will only appear to look cluttered and small. Yet, work off the main requirements for the bathroom and size them proportionately. Where do you need the most space? Can the storage be used elsewhere? Does your sink need to be a set size for functionality?
3. Mirrors. It’s the good old-fashioned rule that mirrors make the space appear larger. Don’t overkill this look. One mirror should suffice.
4. Lighting. Allow natural light in. Don’t cover up windows with heavy blinds, by allowing natural light through makes the space appear more open. Having a skylight can be a little costly, however adding a solatube / or tube skylight added through the roof can be a less expensive option.
5. Bath tubs use up space. Unless you’re planning on having regular baths getting rid of your tub can be a good option. Opting for a frameless shower instead will give a sense of openness to any small bathroom.
6. Recess your cabinetry in the walls. We all do this for our linen and medicines, so why not add a cabinet that doesn’t protrude into your space and take up valuable space. Make sure, the walls are reframed in the area and are watertight!
7. Less is more so cut down on the clutter. Select one piece as a statement and get rid of all the small pieces you don’t need. Store whatever you don’t need out of sight. A clean, decluttered bathroom will always appear larger.

By simply refreshing a tired bathroom can make all the difference in creating an updated, versatile and function bathroom.