The Beach Shack Luxury Residences

Sitting pretty on the banks of Scarborough Beach, Western Australia, is the residential haven, The Beach Shack. Offering a quality coastal lifestyle and an enhanced way of living, the two boutique buildings offer residents the choice of a dark or light scheme apartment. An epitome of location and luxury, the gentle curves of the building reflect the beauty of the ocean it looks onto. Chosen for their durable and simple design, the coastal building houses over 200 Next Generation (NXT) grates, designed and manufactured by Lauxes Grates.



The Beach Shack Luxury Residences


February 2021

Products Used
  • Next Generation 26
  • 40mm waste outlets on balcony
  • 72mm waste outlets in bathrooms
  • Joiners used in multiple outdoor locations.

200+ Units

Beach Shack Wb1

The aluminium linear grates provide the perfect seamless drainage solution, subtle yet aesthetic.ย  A place where lifestyle meets flair, the next generation grates went hand in hand with the personalised architecture. The grates were used on the open plan balconies and in the opulent bathrooms, creating an elegant and practical channel for water waste to flow through. The NXT range of grates not only look the part, but they serve as a highly functional addition to the apartments. With their easy roll out feature, residents will find it easier than ever to clean debris out of their grates.