Is a Lauxes grate WaterMarked?
Lauxes Grates products are certified under the WaterMark Scheme.

In February 2021, the Australian Business Codes Board released a final and updated version of the WMTS-040-2021 Waste pipe outlets & gratings. Waste pipe connection outlets and gratings, separate or integral.’ This new specification now includes aluminium in the materials list of the code. Aluminium has always been a superior metal and its place in the code is more than suitable. Lauxes Grates products remain WM-022370 Certificate of Conformity, compliant with all specifications. We are committed to safe, affordable grating products and excellent customer service.

How does the water drain out?

The fall of the tiled area should fall towards the drain, the flow of the water will continue to push the water down the waste. As the water is turned off there’s a syphon like effect of the water pulling itself down the waste, leaving a maximum of 0.5mm of water in bottom of the tray, which is far less than what gets spilt on the  floor when hopping out of shower.

Will the aluminium rust?

No, the grate has a lifetime rustproof guarantee.

Can you use a Lauxes grate around salt water?

Absolutely this is where aluminum is in its element (do you see any tinnies in the ocean rusting?) and due to our triple bath anodising process our grate is protected from any corrosion and will last a lifetime provided it is cleaned and maintained regularly.

What kind of saw should I use to cut the grate?

We recommend using a compound mitre saw fitted with a multi-material cutting blade 80 tooth or more. We also recommend using a Lauxes TCT hole saw to drill the hole for the waste outlet.

What is the difference between the NXT range and the SFG range?

The NXT Generation range is the latest of our products and has many more features and benefits. The obvious difference is the two slots running up both sides, these aren’t just for looks, they also stop what we call water tracking, and allows you to remove the grate using a rolling motion without any tools.

How do our wholesalers receive delivery of a 5.6m grate?

Due to the size of the package, the safest and most efficient way is via road freight. These trucks can accommodate the lengths easily and ensure your delivery is received in pristine order. Whilst we can provide you with rough estimate of delivery times due to this method of transport, we are unable to ensure exact time frames around your delivery. To alleviate this issue and potentially loss of sales, we advise on holding stock and replenishing it when sold.

How much weight can a Lauxes grate hold?

On average a Lauxes Grate can handle 10.2 tonnes of pressure before failing.