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Need a practical yet stylish drainage solution for your shower or indoor area? Lauxes Grates are leading the market with innovative linear grates, created by trades for trades. Produced with anodised aluminium, our grates are highly durable and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Our grates are available in a variety of colours, depths, and styles, including our popular Next Generation and Tile Insert ranges. Fully customisable, our 5.6m grates can be shortened or extended to your liking, making them a popular choice for tilers, builders, plumbers, and architects. Waterproof and corrosion free, all Lauxes grates come with a lifetime rustproof guarantee, giving you grate piece of mind.

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While the linear feature has been around a little while within the institutional and industrial applications, it is fast becoming a trend in residential and commercial spaces.

Linear drains generally take less than half the time to install than centre waste and require minimal tile cutting due to the single slope towards the drain. Thus resulting in the seamless integration between the drain and the continuation of the flooring. No need to move the existing plumbing as you can create the waste outlet anywhere along the bottom tray to line it up.

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to indoor wet areas

Looking for a drainage solution that suits your indoor wet areas? Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, Lauxes Grates have something to suit every property. With the ease of on-site customisation and quick installation, our grates are the easy choice for many homeowners, builders, tilers, and plumbers. Let us help make your bathroom or indoor space look ‘grate’!

Indoor Wet Areas

Frequently asked Q&As

Are there any tile restrictions when it comes to using linear grates?

Designers and renovators love using linear drains. There are no limitations to the size of tile or slab material used and eliminates the need for additional cuts to tiles. The same floor tile can be used in the bathroom as well as the shower recess so the surface is uninterrupted by visual distraction. Tile inserts are one of the most popular options.

Are linear grates easy to keep clean?

Absolutely. Linear grates are easy to clean and can easily be cleaned with water and soap. Our easy roll out feature on all tile inserts enables consumers to easily clean. Simply roll out and roll back in.

Can we create a "barrier free" entrance with linear grates?

Yes. Using linear drains removes the ‘step over the curb’ in a traditional shower, creating a “barrier free” entrance to your shower. This provides an easy transition point from the dry area to the wet area.

Is there a specific area of the shower I should install the grate?

Linear drains are easy to install and can be customised to any desired length on site. They do however require the shower floor to be sloped in only one direction toward the drain, unlike the centre drain, which requires the floor to slope in four different ways.