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There’s a lot to our product and we don’t expect you to know everything, so we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and answered them below for you.

Aluminium metal is a very active metal that oxidises very quickly. While this would be a weakness for most metals, this quality is actually the key to its ability to resist corrosion. When oxygen is present in the atmosphere or in the environment (in the air, soil, or water), aluminium reacts very quickly to form aluminium oxide. This aluminium oxide layer is chemically bound to the surface and it seals the core aluminium body from any further reaction.

So basically, the more that aluminium is oxidised the better (hence the anodising process we use).

The anodising process protects the aluminium from corroding as it adds three layers of protection to the product that is why Lauxes offer a lifetime rustproof guarantee.

The majority of stainless steel grates/ drains come from China, where the minimum quality to be used in wet areas is 316, there’s a huge amount of 304 stainless drains and grates getting around which will can start to rust within a month.

Stainless steel has iron in it and rust is an oxide of iron that is formed when iron reacts with oxygen gas in the presence of moisture or water. After a time of exposure to these conditions for some time, steel corrodes. So, if you have a stainless product that is constantly in the presence of water (especially near the coast) it will eventually rust.

Yes, it is Certified under the Australian Standard ATS 5200.040:2005 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products. Part 040: Waste pipe connection outlets and gratings, separate or integral  Licence No: WM-022370.

No, the grate has a lifetime rustproof guarantee.

The fall of the tiled area should fall towards the drain, the flow of the water will continue to push the water down the waste. As the water is turned off there’s a syphon like effect of the water pulling itself down the waste, leaving a maximum of 0.5mm of water in bottom of the tray, which is far less than what gets spilt on the  floor when hopping out of shower.

Yes, the grates can easily be but joined together and secured with clear silicone. Position the top grate over the joint for a more continuous look.

What is commonly misunderstood is how water drains through the plumbed drain. Water in your bathroom or wet area will slowly seep through grout and screed and will travel under the tiles, over the membrane and into the drain.

In saying this, most water will actually drain through the grate, approximately 95%. The remaining 5% will drain via the process mentioned above.

Simply put, if you are installing shower grate for one shower head you will only need a 40mm pop waste and for a double shower (two shower heads) you will need a 50mm pop waste.

We recommend using a compound mitre saw fitted with a multi-material cutting blade 80 tooth or more. We also recommend using a Lauxes TCT hole saw to drill the hole for the waste outlet.

We recommend using a neutral cure silicone. A neutral cure silicone is a sealant which releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance whilst curing.

We recommend using a piece of timber cut to the same size as the grate. This will help decrease the risk in concrete spillage on your grate. Some mixes are quite acidic and could potentially be damaging to your grate.

All kits do come with enough end caps and wastes for each job, however you can purchase additional waste and end caps at any time.

Due to the size of the package, the safest and most efficient way is via road freight. These trucks can accommodate the lengths easily and ensure your delivery in received in pristine order. Whilst we can provide you with rough estimate of delivery times due to this method of transport, we are unable to ensure exact timeframes around your delivery. To alleviate this issue and potentially loss of sales, we advise on holding stock and replenishing it when sold.

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