Advantages of becoming a Distributor

      Here are just a few of the benefits:

       Why join?

      • We drive customers to your store. We do NOT sell directly to trade, however we do actively market to them.
      • Having products stocked will drive traffic into your store.
      • We offer packages that suit your store’s needs (Starter Packs available for each new distributor)
      • Sales and Marketing opportunities + social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), EDM’s, website communication platforms
      • Unique product support and training
      • Lauxes updates and latest resources available at your fingertips
      • Quick turnaround on delivery anywhere across Australia

      What’s in it for you?

      • Satisfaction of providing your clients with a product of superior quality and functionality
      • Access to Lauxes Grates and customer service
      • Online resources
      • Fair and flexible payment options
      • A company dedicated to bringing your store and clients the best prices
      • Member support (Lauxes offers free in-person support and training as well as directs potential trade through your doors).

      Who can join?

      • MUST have trade/showroom
      • MUST sell directly to the public/trade
      Linear Shower Grate WA

      Want to apply now?

      If you think you have what it takes to become a Lauxes Grates Distributor and you match the criteria above, then why not fill out our application form with all your details so we can verify you are ready to join our list of trusted distributors and reap the rewards.