Lauxes Grates Extends Thriving Partnership with Gold Coast Titans for Another 3 Years

  • Mar 1st, 2024
  • By: Lauxes Grates

Lauxes And Titans Executives

In an exciting development, Lauxes Grates is thrilled to announce the extension of our successful partnership with the Gold Coast Titans for an additional three years. Building on the foundation of our collaboration since 2021, this renewed commitment signifies our shared values, innovation, and a mutual passion for excellence.


Our Continuing Journey

In 2021, we proudly forged a partnership with the Gold Coast Titans, and today, we are ready to take it to new heights. As one of Australia and New Zealand’s foremost manufacturers of anodised aluminium linear drainage, our award-winning business has become synonymous with innovation and adaptability. With over 2000 retail stores stocking our products, Lauxes Grates is a household name in the construction industry.


Deepening Connections

This partnership isn’t just about business; it’s about building stronger connections with our audience and fostering deeper relationships with our loyal customers. Through shared values, teamwork, and a commitment to community impact, we aim to positively influence our organisations and the broader community. Our CEO, Tim Dawson, a longtime supporter of the Titans, highlights how this collaboration aligns with the vision and future of Lauxes Grates.


Titans Athletes With Lauxes Grates In Hands

Showcasing Success

Our collaboration has produced sick campaigns, including the 2023 Titans Campaign: Lauxes vs. Generic Grates Match. With the help of the Gold Coast Titans, our content and film crew created an epic showdown at the iconic CBUS Stadium, highlighting the superior performance and durability of Lauxes Grates. This cinematic clash solidifies our position as industry leaders.

In 2022, our Titans Campaign featured Tino demonstrating the easy installation of our products, akin to a titan’s strength. The ad aired on Channel 9, at CBUS Stadium, and across various social media platforms, showcasing the practicality and reliability of Lauxes Grates.


Lauxes And Titans Executives Holding Titans Shorts

Engaging Activities

Our collaboration goes beyond campaigns. We’re actively engaged in numerous activities with the Gold Coast Titans, from fun photoshoots capturing vibrant content to training sessions with players and Lauxes staff. Our corporate box has been a hub for great conversations with clients, further enriching the bonds formed through this partnership. The corporate box has also served as a canvas for various designs, featuring our branding and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere.



As we embark on another three years of collaboration with the Gold Coast Titans, Lauxes Grates is excited about the continued growth, shared successes, and the positive impact we can collectively make. Stay tuned as we write the next chapter in our journey together.

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