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(14mm deep x 100mm wide – NXT14)

Lauxes next Generation Grate NXT14


(26mm deep x 100mm wide – NXT26)

Lauxes Next Generation Grate NXT26


(35mm deep x 100mm wide – NXT35)

Lauxes Next Generation Grate NXT35



(23mm deep x 71mm wide – SFG)

Lauxes Standard Waste Grate Silk Silver LCFGRATE SFG


(23mm deep x 71mm wide – MSFG)
For indoor use only.

Lauxes Standard Waste Grate Midnight Black LCMFGRATE MSFG


(26mm deep x 100mm wide – STI)
Holds tiles up to 11mm thick.

Lauxes Tile Insert Waste Grate Silk Silver LCSTIGRATE STI


(26mm deep x 100mm wide – MSTI)
For indoor use only.

Lauxes Tile Insert Waste Grate Midnight Black LCMSTIGRATE MSTI


(26mm deep x 100mm wide – WSFG)

Lauxes Wide Standard Waste Grate Silk Silver LCWFGRATE WSFG


(26mm deep x 100mm wide – MWSFG)
For indoor use only.

Lauxes Wide Standard Waste Grate Midnight Black LCMWFGRATE MWSFG


(35mm deep x 100mm wide – TIP)
Holds tiles up to 18mm deep.

Lauxes Tile Insert Plus Waste Grate Silk Silver LCTIGRATE TIP



40mm Waste

(Suits SFG Silk Silver – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates - 40mm pop waste

40mm Waste

(Suits MSFG Midnight Black – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates - 40mm Pop Waste Midnight

50mm Waste

(Suits SFG Silk Silver – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates - 50mm pop waste

50mm Waste

(Suits MSFG Midnight Black – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates - 50mm Pop Waste Midnight

72mm Waste

(Suits WSFG & STI Silk Silver – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates - 72mm Pop Waste

72mm Waste

(Suits MWSFG & MSTI Midnight Black – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates - 72mm Pop Waste Midnight

80mm Waste

(Suits WSFG & STI Silk Silver – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates - 80mm Pop Waste

80mm Waste

(Suits MWSFG & MSTI Midnight Black – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates - 80mm Pop Waste Midnight


Standard 71mm

(Suits SFG Floor Grate Silk Silver – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates End Caps SFG 71mm

Standard 71mm

(Suits MSFG Grate Midnight Black – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates End Caps MSFG 71mm

Wide 100mm

(Suits WSFG & STI Silk Silver – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates End Caps STI & WSFG 100mm

Wide 100mm

(Suits MWSFG & MSTI Midnight Black – 100mm)

Wide 100mm

(Suits TIP Silk Silver *35mm high – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates End Caps TIP 100mm


180° 22mm

(180-22 Suits SFG Floor Grate – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 180-22mm SFG

180° 26mm

(180-26 Suits WSFG & STI Floor Grate – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 180-26mm STI & WSFG

180° 35mm

(180-35 Suits TIP Floor Grate – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 180-35mm TIP

90° 22mm

(90-22 Suits SFG Floor Grate – 71mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 90-22mm SFG

90° 26mm

(90-26 Suits WSFG & STI Floor Grate – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 90-26mm STI & WSFG

90° 35mm

(90-35 Suits TIP Floor Grate – 100mm)

Lauxes Grates Joiners 90-35mm TIP


TCT 40mm

(Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw – 40mm)

Lauxes Grates TCT Hole Saw 40mm

TCT 50mm

(Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw – 50mm)

Lauxes Grates TCT Hole Saw 50mm

TCT 72mm

(Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw – 72mm)

Lauxes Grates TCT Hole Saw 72mm

TCT 80mm

(Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saw – 80mm)

Lauxes Grates TCT Hole Saw 80mm
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    Life time rust proof warranty

    What is anodised aluminium?

    Anodised aluminium is an electrochemical process where the surface of the aluminium and its alloys are coated to a porous aluminium oxide. Anodising is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal parts.

    Anodising increases common erosion resistance and wear resistance, making it the second hardest substance known to man (only to be surpassed by diamond).

    The oxide on aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, making it a very hard, abrasive resistant and an insulator.

    Why Anodise?

    Anodising process is an electrolytic process for producing thick oxide coating producing a bonded finish that resists corrosion, abrasion and exposure to high industrial, marine and other severe environments.  The result of the finish can include either a clear finish or coloured anodic films which will retain and enhance its inherent beauty of the aluminium. Thickness can be controlled and film thickness can range from 10 to 25 microns.

    It’s robust features and aesthetics of the anodised aluminium makes it ideal for both residential or commercial projects.

    Since the introduction of aluminium in the 1920’s, finishing techniques have continued to be refined and with recent breakthroughs in colouring techniques anodising products one of the best aluminium finishing options in the industry.


    Durability: long life span.
    Abrasion resistance: Aluminium oxide is a very hard compound, which is second only to diamond on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
    Colour stability: Anodic coating does not chip or peel.
    Product Care: Easy to look after as part of your regular cleaning routine.
    Aesthetics: Becoming vastly popular in both indoor-outdoor applications as the material of choice.
    Affordability: Affordable alternative to what is currently in the marketplace that provided matches durability, functionality and price.
    Health & Safety: Anodising is a safe process and is not harmful to human health. The anodised finish in non-toxic and heat-resistant.
    Quality Control: Meeting Australian and NZ standards and certified under the WaterMark Certification Scheme.
    Lifetime Guarantee: Yes.
    Rustproof Guarantee: Yes.
    Environmentally friendly

    Did you know?

    According to the Aluminium Anodizers Council
    Anodised aluminium:

    • Protects satellites from the harsh environment of space.
    • Considered environmentally safe, producing few, if any, harmful effects on land, air, or water.
    • Used in one of the world’s tallest buildings — the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois.
    • Revolutionised the construction of computer hardware, exhibit displays for trade shows, scientific instruments, and a constantly expanding array of home appliances, consumer products, and building materials.

    Request a Lauxes Training Session or visit from your Lauxes Regional Manager

    Having trained hundreds of wholesalers and their team members on our aluminium floor grates, Lauxes Grates believe product knowledge is the key to providing “grate” customer service. Lauxes Grates are determined to educate all who use and sell our grates to ensure there is no miscommunication surrounding our products and to answer any questions or hesitations they may have.

    These distributor training sessions also allow Lauxes Grates to refine and continually improve on all aspects of the business by providing valuable feedback from stores. If your store would like to book a training session with your local Lauxes representative please fill out the details below and a Lauxes team member will be in touch.

    Please allow approximately one hour for each training sessions.

      Lauxes Shower, balcony and Pool Grates


      What makes Lauxes Grates stand apart from the rest is the unique design. We have spent years of development to finally arrive at the best material and channel structure for the job. A Lauxes Grate will not only look good, but last a lifetime doing the job it was designed for.
      Modern Style shower grate
      Modern Style Drainage Grate

      Product Care

      As with any finished building material, your Lauxes anodised aluminium floor grate requires cleaning to function at its best. Leaving the clear, plastic wrapping on until the last minute will also help minimise the risk of any harsh or abrasive elements touching the grate/and or tile.

      Initial cleaning:
      This cleaning should take place after installing your Lauxes linear floor grate and shall involve the removal or wiping of dust, dirt, glue (silicone) or any form of visual “deposits” that sit on the anodised surface. These can quickly be removed with a dry or damp cloth.

      Contrary to what people say, linear floor drains are easier to maintain and can remove up to 80% more hair debris and grime than regular drains. Our easy roll out system, as featured in the tile insert range, enables the consumer to roll back the top grate for easy cleaning underneath.

      Anodised finish should be washed down on a regular basis (at least once every six months in less severe applications and more often in marine or industrial applications). The soot and grime which builds up gradually on the surface from time to time contains moisture and salts which will adversely affect the anodised coasting and should be removed.

      Whilst the shower recess is in constant use of water flowing through, outdoor applications such as balconies and around the pool areas would benefit from the occasional hose down throughout the year to prevent any build-up of external elements such as dust, sitting on the grate for an extended period.

      Soapy water is the recommended method of cleaning. Mild detergents can be used to wipe and remove any matter or debris caught in drainage area. Using a mild cloth (nylon cleaning pad or brush) to run over surface and warm water to rinse and dry with clean cloth.

      Products such as Jiff and ammonia based products may also be used, however we recommend wiping the area directly after use to avoid any potential discolouration.

      Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals such as acidic products on the grates. Also, do not use excessive force to remove any stubborn marks.

      Although anodised aluminium possesses exceptional resistance to corrosion, discolouration and wear, harsh chemicals and elements can tamper with its overall appearance. For example, construction soils such as mortar or acid should be removed as soon as possible and not allowed to dry.  Other aggressive alkaline or acidic products should not be used.




      Lauxes grates are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standard with meticulous attention to detail. It is because of this care we stand behind your recently purchased unique, cost effective and rust proof product.

      Damages arising from improper/insufficient/negligence care or installation not in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.2 or manufacturers specifications will void the product warranty.

      If at any time the product itself should develop any defect, Lauxes Grates agree to correct the defect(s) without charge to the registered purchaser. This guarantee does not provide coverage of repairs necessitated by normal wear, misuse, accidental damage or as a result from changes in temperature.

      Rustproof Warranty:             

      A lifetime rustproof warranty is offered on all Lauxes floor grates to the original owner of the product. This guarantees that should all or part of the installed Lauxes floor grate* develop rust to the physical structure of the grate; Lauxes Grates shall replace all or part of the warranted product at no cost to the consumer, provided the steps below have taken place:

      • Lauxes floor grates**were installed by a licensed tradesman and in accordance with AS 3740-2010.
      • Primary clean must also take place immediately after installation as outlined in our Care & Maintenance information.

      * All Lauxes floor grate kit is inclusive of End Caps and Pop Waste
      **All Lauxes floor grates are certified plumbing products in compliance with AS/NZ 3500.2

      Contact Lauxes Grates on 1300 214 510 for more information or to receive a Warranty Claim Form or email us at admin@lauxesproducts.com.au