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hidden shower floor waste grate

When purchasing any type of grate, you want it to maintain its original look by undertaking regular upkeep and maintenance.

Too often we hear stories about the wrong types of cleaning products used on linear floor grates or negligent and neglect which may cause ongoing issues with plumbing and functionality.

Specially designed tabs under the tiled edge of all Lauxes linear grates allow for easy roll out of the top grate for cleaning. Regular, gentle cleaning using soapy water is recommended and rinsed thoroughly. The use of any abrasive, harsh chemical (such as acids) or scrubbing is NOT recommended.

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the aesthetic surface of the grate and to help prevent the build-up of any dirt and grim left on the surface area of the grate.

With this said, we do advise, where possible, to leave the plastic wrapping over your grate until the last minute before installing to ensure no chemicals or exterior elements touch the grate.