NXT – What is so Grate About the NeXT Generation Range?

  • Oct 6th, 2022
  • By: erin.a@lauxesproducts.com.au

Drainage doesn’t have to be boring – Lauxes Grates are all about innovation, style, and practicality. Ensuring your drainage is all the above is our specialty.

All of our grates come with a minimum 25-year guarantee of no fading or discoloration, as well as a lifetime rustproof warranty – but how do you know which range is right for you?

We sat down with Research and Development department leader as well as our Head of Sales, Justin Corke, to talk a little more about the NeXT Generation grates and what unique features sets it apart from our other ranges.


Nxt Range Post All Three

What inspired you to create the Next Gen range and what was the process behind this? ?

We wanted to come up with a grate that was easy to clean you know, something you didn’t need to use a kitchen fork to lift out for cleaning! We managed to achieve this with the easy roll-out feature, but also wanted a grate that stopped water tracking. The process to create a new product is an extensive one, there are a few moving parts, it requires drawing up a design, 3D printing it, running various tests, making changes where needed. All of this even before making a small batch for further and much more extensive testing, including all required testing for WaterMark Certification. Once we are happy with everything, we go into production, this is to ensure we deliver the highest quality product we can possibly make.


How is this range different from the other ones?

It has these features previously mentioned, the Next Gen also comes in three different depths, 14, 26 and 35mm, making it not only the thinnest grate on the market but also perfect for when greater water drainage is needed. All three NXT models come in midnight and silver and two of them come in matte gold as well.


What are the advantages and benefits of using the NeXT Range?

Due to its design, it can handle much more water flow than any of our other products, plus with the easy roll-out feature, it allows to remove the top with ease when it’s time to clean your grate. It is also an anti water tracking grate, this means it stops water from passing over the grate. Last but not least, with its three different depths, it makes it a very versatile product, you can use the same style in multiple different applications, eg bathrooms, balconies, pools, you name it. Giving a seamless look throughout your project!


 What is your favourite one from the range and why?

I love the NXT14, being the thinnest grate in the world it’s a problem solver and can be used in multiple different scenarios, one of these being balconies, as the grate is so thin at just 14mm deep, it can be placed directly on the balcony and tiled up to, avoiding the use of bedding.


How is this product revolutionizing the industry?

This product is absolutely revolutionizing the industry! As I mentioned before, they are a real problem solver. It is so easy to use, customizable on site to have the perfect finish, and has no down time waiting for manufacturing. They can be cut down to any size or extended with either our straight joins or 90-degree corners to make them fit any space. It’s amazing what you can do with this product. And didn’t I mention? They look bloody good!


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