Helpful videos about our product

Here are a few product videos we have put together to try and help you better understand how Lauxes grate works.

Product Lauch NXT Generation Highlights

Next Generation 35 (NXT35)

Next Generation 26 (NXT26)

Next Generation 14 (NXT14)

Next Generation Product Overview

Introducing the Lauxes Grates Next Generation range!

NEW & IMPROVED Slimline Tile Insert

Can you use a Lauxes grate outside?

What style of grate should you use when it comes to water tracking?

Do you need a puddle flange fitted prior to installing Lauxes grate?

Advantages of a flat bottom grate

What happens if the silicone breaks down?

Adding silicone to your end caps, waste and joins

How much weight can a Lauxes grate take?

Water Flow of a Lauxes Grate

How to silicone the tile into a Lauxes tile insert grate

Lauxes Grates 2018 Recap

How to drill a hole for pop waste

Lauxes Grates Product overview

How to cut a corner piece using a drop saw

See how quick and easy it is to cut Lauxes grate

Lauxes Grates company overview

Roll out for easy cleaning

How to cut Celleni aluminum floor grate

How a shower grate works

Balcony Waste water grate drainage system Australia

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