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bathroom floor waste grate

Easy Installation – linear drains are easy to install and can be customised to any desired length on site. Installing a linear drain allows for a simple one direction fall toward the drain, therefore, requiring less cuts in the tiles.

No Barrier – using linear drains removes the ‘step over the curb’ in a traditional shower, creating a “barrier free” entrance to your shower.

Safety – home related injuries affect millions of Australians each year and adds extra burden on our health system. Therefore, removing/alleviating any potential hazard for someone to fall or hurt themselves makes practical sense.

Aesthetic Appeal – designers and renovators love using linear drains. There are no limitations to the size of tile or slab material used and eliminates the need for additional cuts to tiles. The same floor tile can be used in the bathroom as well as the shower recess so the surface is uninterrupted by visual distraction.

Versatility – linear drains provide long, clean lines, are attractive and has more installation opportunities. It can be placed in various parts of the shower or back against the wall making it more versatile than centre drains.

Maintenance – our easy roll out feature on our tile insert grates enables an easy clean for consumers. Simply roll out and roll back in. Soap and water can be used for cleaning.

Rustproof – our anodising process protects the aluminium from corroding as it adds three layers of protection to the product. That is why Lauxes offer a lifetime rustproof guarantee.