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  • Apr 2nd, 2024
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For architects, tradesmen, and building developers, the ultimate goal is to create aesthetically appealing and highly functional spaces. The details in any construction project are crucial, and one such detail that often proves challenging is efficient water waste drainage. Lauxes Grates provides an elegant and practical solution for this challenge, offering a range of grates options to suit a variety of contexts, from showers and bathrooms to balconies and swimming pools.

Let’s Explore the benefits of incorporating Lauxes Grates into your building projects, including their high-quality design, versatility, and easy installation process.



Superior Aesthetics and Design

In today’s competitive construction industry, aesthetics and design often play a significant role in the success of a project. Architects and developers are always on the lookout for innovative products that not only serve a functional purpose but also elevate the visual appeal of their designs. Lauxes Grates provides this perfect balance of function and beauty with its sleek, minimalist design that complements modern interior styles and material choices.

The anodised aluminium finish of Lauxes Grates is highly adaptable, allowing them to blend seamlessly with various architectural elements such as tiles, pavers, or even timber decking. Furthermore, the styles offered within the Lauxes Grates range ensure that there is a suitable option to meet every design requirement and preference. From linear and tile insert grates to brick slot and heel guard grates, the product line offers unique and tailored solutions for all architectural needs.


Uncompromised Functionality

While aesthetics are essential in any construction project, for some functionality remains the primary concern. One standout feature of Lauxes Grates is its exceptional flow rate, which ensures efficient water waste drainage in various applications. The high-quality anodised aluminium material used in manufacturing these grates allows them to maintain their structural integrity even under heavy loads, providing added peace of mind in commercial and high-volume spaces.

In addition, the grates feature a built-in ‘fall’ or slope that directs water towards the drainage outlet, contributing to their effectiveness and preventing standing water or pooling. This gentle sloping design means that drainage remains efficient while also preserving the visual appeal of your surfaces.



Versatility for Diverse Applications

A key aspect of Lauxes Grate’s success in the construction industry lies in its adaptability to a broad range of applications. Given their durability, functionality, and exceptional design, they can easily be incorporated into different contexts, from residential projects to large-scale commercial developments:

  • Bathrooms and Showers: In these wet areas, our grates offer a perfect solution for efficiently managing water waste while maintaining a luxurious, modern aesthetic. Their slim profiles blend effortlessly with tiles and other materials, creating an unobtrusive yet effective drainage solution in these critical spaces.
  • Balconies and Outdoor Areas: Effective drainage is essential in outdoor spaces, particularly in areas subject to heavy rainfall. Lauxes’s grates provide a reliable solution for managing water runoff from balconies and terraces while contributing positively to the design of these areas.
  • Swimming Pools: With its rustproof properties and durable construction, our grates are ideal for use as drainage solutions in swimming pool surrounds. They not only add a sleek touch to the pool area but also keep the space safe and comfortable for users.


Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The installation process of Lauxes Grates has been streamlined and simplified, designed with both DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen in mind. The grates come with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing even those with minimal experience to successfully install the product in a timely and efficient manner.

The grates can be removed easily for regular cleaning, ensuring that they continue to function at optimal levels while retaining their aesthetic appeal. This ease of maintenance extends the life of your grates and offers long-term value for your construction project.



Incorporating Lauxes Grates into your next building project is a smart choice for architects, tradesmen, and developers seeking modern, efficient drainage solutions. With their high-quality design, versatility for diverse applications, and ease of installation and maintenance, Lauxes Grates – Australia offer an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your construction developments and create spaces that are both visually stunning and functional.

Don’t miss out on the advantages that Lauxes Grates – Australia can bring to your projects. Get in touch with our sales team today and place an order to experience the difference Lauxes Grates – Australia’s grate drains and more can make in your architectural designs.

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