Grate Attention to Detail

Inline Ceramics and Stone is paving the way in high-quality tiling fitouts using Lauxes Grates linear drainage solutions.

Lauxes Grates linear drainage systems have been a consistent key component in the success of their projects.


Inline Ceramics & Stone




4 Metres

Flow Lab Pilates Studio recently used Lauxes Grates linear drainage

Inline Ceramics and Stone, a Melbourne-based commercial tiling contractor, is dedicated to delivering top-quality bespoke solutions with creative designs tailored to the unique needs of each space. They specialise in commercial, hospitality, retail and office fit-outs and are committed to providing outstanding workmanship and service to their clients.

One key component of their projects is the use of Lauxes Grates linear drainage systems. Lauxes Grates are versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for wet rooms, outdoor areas, and other spaces where drainage is critical. They are lightweight, functional, stylish and can be easily customised on-site, which helps to speed up construction time frames.

“The number one selling tool for us with Lauxes Grates is that you can cut them to any size you need.

Harry Gouskos – Director, Inline Ceramics & Stone

Inline Ceramics and Stone appreciates that Lauxes Grates are affordable and provide a superior finish without the inflated costs of other drainage solutions on the market. They recently used Lauxes Grates in Flow Lab, a boutique Pilates and recovery studio in Melbourne, where they installed our Midnight Black Wide Standard floor grate (MWSFG) in the ice-bath wet areas. The 4 metre long grate was seamlessly integrated into the space, allowing Inline Ceramics and Stone to install it in one long piece. 

Traditional alternatives can be incredibly heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, but Lauxes anodised aluminium grates are lightweight in comparison, enabling efficient installation without compromising quality. The anodised finish not only makes our grates resistant to scratches and corrosion but also ensures ease of handling and cutting, reducing installation time and costs. Lauxes Grates proved to be the ideal solution providing not only a functional but also an elegant wastewater drainage system.

Aesthetically it looks lovely and great, and it works with a modern design.

Our grates’ corrosion-free material ensures they handle water efficiently even in commercial high traffic areas, making them a reliable choice for any wet environment. Plus, Lauxes Grates complement modern fit outs flawlessly by offering a range of colors that perfectly match contemporary tapware and bathroom accents.

Overall, Inline Ceramics and Stone’s commitment to delivering high-quality bespoke solutions, combined with their use of Lauxes Grates linear drainage, allows them to provide their clients with superior finishes that are functional, stylish, and affordable.

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