Exploring Unique Applications of Lauxes Grates Drainage Solutions

  • Sep 28th, 2023
  • By: Lauxes_admin

While Lauxes Grates is known for its top-tier drainage solutions for conventional settings like showers, bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools, the versatility of its products extends far beyond these applications. With their innovative features, like easy installation, customisation capabilities, and durable construction, Lauxes Grates drainage systems can cater to an array of unique endeavours. Architects, plumbers, tilers, and tradies looking to diversify their project portfolios can leverage these products to create impressive and seamless solutions for their clients in various industries.

In this article, we’ll delve into the unconventional uses of Lauxes Grates drainage solutions, highlighting their adaptability and potential to elevate your next project, regardless of its nature or scope.

showing a drainage applied in a driveway by Lauxes Grates.

Integrating Drainage Solutions into Landscaping and Outdoor Living Spaces

Beautiful outdoor living spaces and landscaping designs can significantly boost the value and appeal of residential and commercial properties. Proper drainage is essential in these settings to prevent water damage, maintain the integrity of landscaping elements, and ensure safety and usability for occupants. Lauxes Grates offers an array of drainage solutions that can seamlessly integrate into these environments while maintaining an attractive, unobtrusive appearance.

Examples of unique outdoor applications for Lauxes Grates products include:

  • Custom Water Features and Fountains: The flexibility and customisability of Lauxes Grates drainage systems allow for their incorporation into bespoke water features and fountains, providing proper water management while blending harmoniously into the design.
  • Garden Pathways and Driveways: Installing Lauxes Grates along garden pathways and driveways prevents water accumulation and potential damage to surrounding landscaping elements without compromising aesthetics.
  • Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Areas: Lauxes Grates can be utilised in outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, efficiently managing wastewater and ensuring a clean and safe environment for entertaining guests.

showing a sample of a custom drainage solution in a bathroom next to a bathtub.

Drainage Solutions for Unique Architectural Features

Innovative architectural designs often incorporate unique features that require customised drainage solutions. Thanks to their adaptable design, Lauxes Grates can be integrated into these unconventional elements, enhancing their functionality while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Examples of architectural elements that benefit from the seamless integration of Lauxes Grates products include:

1. Rooftop Gardens and Green Walls

Rooftop gardens and green walls are increasingly popular methods of utilising urban spaces to promote sustainability and enhance building aesthetics. Proper drainage is essential for these innovations to thrive, and Lauxes Grates products can be discreetly incorporated, ensuring optimal water management while blending into the surroundings.

2. Custom Showers and Wet Rooms

Showers and wet rooms with unique dimensions or unconventional design features can pose challenges when selecting appropriate drainage solutions. Lauxes Grates drainage systems can be tailored to accommodate these designs, ensuring efficient water management while complementing the overall design concept.

Drainage Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Lauxes Grates drainage systems can cater to the often-overlooked commercial and industrial sector requirements. In environments where durability, safety, and hygiene are paramount, Lauxes Grates products demonstrate their versatility by offering optimal drainage solutions in these demanding conditions.

1. Food Processing Plants and Commercial Kitchens

Proper drainage is critical for maintaining hygiene standards and preventing slip hazards in food processing plants and commercial kitchens. Lauxes Grates offers drainage systems that can be integrated into these workspaces, ensuring efficient water and waste management without sacrificing durability or ease of maintenance.

2. Warehouses and Factories

Water management is crucial in warehouses and factories, where potential water damage can lead to costly losses and operational disruptions. Lauxes Grates’ durable and adaptable drainage systems can be tailored to suit various industrial settings, ensuring smooth operations and minimal maintenance.

a sample of a drainage installed near a tub in a commercial location.

Expanding Your Business Offerings with Lauxes Grates

Having a versatile set of offerings can be a significant competitive advantage for trades professionals looking to expand their clientele. By incorporating Lauxes Grates drainage solutions into a broader range of applications, professionals can tap into new markets and opportunities, increasing their business growth and profitability.

1. Creating Unique Service Packages

Offering niche services, such as custom water features or green roof installations, sets businesses apart from the competition and increases revenue streams. With the adaptability of Lauxes Grates drainage systems, trades professionals can customise and create unique service packages tailored to their client’s needs, cultivating innovation and growth in their business.

2. Displaying Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Demonstrating creativity and problem-solving abilities is crucial for attracting and retaining clientele. When you’re able to craft unique and appealing solutions using Lauxes Grates products, clients will recognise your expertise, trust your judgment, and likely recommend your services to their networks.

Lauxes Grates products in three different colours: Silver, Gold and Midnight.


The adaptability and versatility of Lauxes Grates drainage solutions extend far beyond shower and bathroom applications. By integrating their products into unique settings, such as landscaping designs, innovative architectural features, and commercial spaces, professionals in the architecture, plumbing, tiling, and trades industries can unlock new opportunities, expand their service offerings, and stand out from the competition.

Embrace the potential of Lauxes Grates drainage systems to enhance and elevate your next project, no matter the industry or scale. Discover how our innovative products can be the key to unlocking your business growth and solidifying your status as a leader in your field. Browse our selection of drainage products today to get started!

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