How to Seal End Caps on Aluminium Grates with Silicone Sealant

  • Jun 27th, 2023
  • By: Karina Taguchi

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As specialists in indoor and outdoor drainage solutions, Lauxes Grates understands the importance of properly sealing end caps to maintain the quality and longevity of our products. 

Using neutral-cured silicone with aluminium products ensures a durable and flexible bond that will keep your grates and end caps securely fastened. In this article, we’ll guide you through sealing end caps and why it’s crucial to use silicone sealant rather than glue or grout.




Why Use Silicone Sealant?

When installing your aluminium grate, using a neutral cure silicone sealant over other alternatives, such as glue or grout, is essential. Silicone sealant provides several advantages for aluminium products, including:


  • Flexibility: Utilising silicone sealant ensures that it remains resilient and durable, with the ability to flex and adapt to any changes in the surrounding materials. In contrast, grout is prone to cracking, leading to potential leakage or damage to your grates and end caps.


  • Compatibility: Silicone sealant is the best when used in aluminium products without causing any adverse effects. Glue and grout can contain chemicals that may reverse the anodising process, diminishing the quality and appearance of your grates.


  • Water Resistance: Silicone sealant forms a secure barrier against water, ensuring watertight seals and preventing unwanted leaks.


Preparing Your Grate for Installation


Before installing your aluminium grate and sealing the end caps, the surface should be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, or debris which may hamper the bonding process. It should also be completely dry to prevent moisture from affecting the sealant’s ability to adhere properly. Guaranteeing these steps will help ensure a successful installation and a long-lasting seal. This ensures a secure bond between the silicone sealant and the aluminium.



How to Seal End Caps: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly seal end caps using silicone sealant:


  • STEP 1: Choose a high-quality, neutral cure silicone sealant suitable for aluminium products.


  • STEP 2: Cut the nozzle of the silicone sealant tube at an angle to allow for easy application.


  • STEP 3: Apply a dab of silicone sealant into each of the end cap slots.

Press the end cap to the aluminium grate

  • STEP 4: Press the end cap onto the end of the aluminium grate, making sure to align it correctly for a secure and even fit.


  • STEP 5: Place a thin layer of silicone sealant around the outside joints of the end cap.


  • STEP 6: Wipe away any excess sealant that may have seeped out from the edges to maintain a clean finish.




  • STEP 7: According to the product instructions, allow the silicone sealant to cure for the recommended time. This can vary, so check the specific instructions for your chosen sealant.


  • STEP 8: Once cured, inspect the joint between the end cap and the grate to ensure a complete and watertight seal has been achieved.



Trusted Solutions for Tilers, Architects, and Plumbers

Sealing end caps plays a vital role in ensuring your aluminium grates remain functional and attractive for years. Using neutral cure silicone sealant over glue or grout can prevent potential damage and discolouration while ensuring a flexible and watertight bond. For quality aluminium drainage solutions and expert advice, trust Lauxes Grates to provide the products and guidance you need to complete your projects with confidence.

Lauxes Grates is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative and functional project drainage solutions. Our rust-free aluminium grates are designed for easy installation and maintenance with the help of reliable products like silicone sealant. By following the correct procedures, you can guarantee a long-lasting, problem-free installation for your aluminium grates.

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