Revolutionise Indoor Wet Areas: Stylish & Efficient Drainage Solutions

  • Apr 24th, 2024
  • By: Lauxes Grates

Indoor Drainage Solutions

Modern homeowners and developers are proactively looking for innovative products that can enhance the style, functionality, and safety of indoor wet areas, particularly in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. A critical component in these spaces is an efficient drainage system, which not only ensures the proper disposal of water waste but also adds to the overall aesthetics and usability of the area. Lauxes Grates offers an outstanding solution for indoor drainage applications, combining striking design with high functionality, making them an excellent choice for architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Lauxes Grates in wet areas inside modern homes, focusing on their aesthetic appeal, flexible applications, and enhanced safety features. By incorporating Lauxes Grates into your projects, you can significantly improve the visual appeal and practicality of indoor wet areas, creating spaces that stand out from the competition by delivering a seamless and comfortable user experience.

Aesthetic Modern Drainage Solution

Aesthetic Appeal to Complement Modern Designs

One of the key aspects of selecting a drainage solution for wet areas is ensuring that it complements the interior design and adds to the visual appeal of the space. Lauxes Grates are designed to meet these requirements with their minimalist and elegant profile. The clean lines and slim design of these grates make them suitable for a wide range of contemporary design styles, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetics of your indoor wet areas.

Available in various colours and finishes, Lauxes Grates can be tailored to match and accentuate the colour palette and materials used in your project, adding a touch of sophistication and harmony to the overall design. By incorporating Lauxes Grates into your wet areas, you can achieve a cohesive and visually striking result that elevates the overall appearance of these spaces.

Laundry Rooms Drainga System

Flexible Applications for Indoor Spaces

Lauxes Grates offers versatility in installation, making them ideal for various applications within indoor spaces. By providing effective drainage solutions across a range of settings, they contribute to optimised functionality and design in your wet areas. Here are some instances where Lauxes Grates can be incorporated with success:

  • Bathrooms and showers – Lauxes Grates can be installed between bathroom floor tiles or as linear drains in walk-in showers, ensuring proper water flow and adding a touch of modern sophistication to the space.
  • Laundry rooms – Proper drainage is essential in laundry rooms, and Lauxes Grates can be installed around washing machines and sinks to facilitate efficient water management while enhancing the overall design.
  • Kitchen spaces – Lauxes Grates can be integrated near sinks or under benchtop appliances, providing enhanced drainage solutions that complement the style and function of modern kitchens.
  • Indoor water features – For homes incorporating water features into their design, Lauxes Grates offers a sleek and efficient drainage solution that adds visual appeal and ensures proper water management.

Safety Features and Enhanced Functionality

In wet areas, safety is a critical concern. Standing water in poorly drained spaces can pose a slip hazard and create dampness that might lead to mould growth. Lauxes Grates address these safety concerns by providing efficient water drainage, ensuring the water is managed effectively and that spaces remain dry and safe.

Furthermore, Lauxes Grates is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your wet areas remain functional and hygienic. Their removable covers make access for cleaning a breeze, and the non-porous surface prevents the build-up of grime and dirt, keeping the area fresh and appealing.

Lauxes Grates Tips Installation

Installation Tips and Best Practices

To maximise the benefits of Lauxes Grates and achieve outstanding style and functionality for your indoor wet areas, follow these tips and best practices during planning and installation:

  • Plan ahead – Assess the size and shape of your space and determine the most suitable location for Lauxes Grates. Ensure that the grates are positioned in areas where water accumulation is likely or where additional drainage is required.
  • Choose a suitable design – Select a Lauxes Grate design that complements your interior style, colour palette, and intended applications. Consider the size and depth of the grate to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Ensure correct installation – Engage experienced professionals to install your Lauxes Grates, ensuring correct alignment, levelling, and proper connection to the drainage system.
  • Maintain your grates – Regularly clean and maintain your Lauxes Grates, removing covers as necessary for access and ensuring that debris and residue are cleared, maintaining optimal functionality and appearance.

Lauxes Grates Indoor Drainage Solutions


Lauxes Grates offers a stylish and efficient drainage solution for enhancing the appearance and functionality of indoor wet areas in modern homes. With their sleek design, flexible applications, and safety features, these grates can transform bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other spaces, creating visually appealing and practical environments for homeowners to enjoy.

By incorporating Lauxes Grates into your next project, you can create indoor spaces that stand out from the competition by delivering a seamless and comfortable user experience. Contact our sales team today for more information about our drainage solutions.

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