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  • Sep 15th, 2021
  • By: Lauxes_admin
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Drainage doesn’t have to be boring – Lauxes Grates are all about innovation, style, and practicality. Ensuring your drainage is all the above is our specialty.

Lauxes Grates are changing the game yet again, releasing all existing grates in a 100% UV stabilised midnight black.

All styles, including our highly sought-after NeXT Generation range and Tile Insert Plus will now be available in UV stabilised midnight black. All grates come with a minimum 25-year guarantee of no fading or discoloration, as well as a lifetime rustproof warranty

To celebrate this exciting release of UV stabilised midnight grates, we sat down with Research and Development department leader as well as our Head of Sales, Justin Corke, to talk a little more about the work behind the UV stabilisation.


Justo Interview

What inspired you to make the Lauxes Grates range available in a UV stabilised midnight black and what was the process behind this?

At first the midnight range was used outside but due to the harsh Australian UV conditions, the midnight grates began to discolour and fade over time. We then had to advise our customers that the midnight grates were suitable for indoor use only.

There was a constant demand for the midnight range and the queries revolving around whether or not it could be used outdoors never stopped and we just knew we had to get it right. We started testing out many different anodising procedures, with a lot of mixed results and outcomes, which made it very difficult to work out exactly what was going wrong.

After consulting with many different companies and testing out different procedures, we finally mastered the anodising process to allow for our midnight range to be used outdoors! We’re really proud of how far we’ve come with our UV stabilised midnight grates.


How do you believe the UV stabilised midnight linear grates will add value to indoor and outdoor spaces?

With the demand always being there and an increase in stylish living areas, people want their grates to match their space. Indoor or outdoor, everyone wants their area and rooms to look the very best. Our midnight grates offer a high-end, sleek finish while offering a practical and customisable drainage solution. Drainage was previously looked at as a boring and unattractive essential but is now a special feature every property needs. The midnight range pair perfectly with almost all styles and patterns of tiles.


What are the advantages and benefits of using Lauxes Grates midnight grates?

One of the biggest advantages of using Lauxes Grates is the peace of mind. We know we’re giving you a superior product that will last a lifetime, get the job done and will always look amazing! All grates, including our midnight styles have a 25-year guarantee of no fading or discolouration and a lifetime warranty against rusting. Other benefits include the ease of installation, customisability, affordability, and the ease of maintenance following installation.


What is your favourite style of grate in the UV stabilised midnight range?

I love the entire Midnight NeXT Generation range but if I had to choose it’d be the Midnight NeXT Generation 26 (MNXT26). This grate is so versatile and has many features and benefits, including anti-water tracking, easy roll-out for cleaning and heel-guarding. Like all our other grates, the MNXT26 can be customised on-site. I am also excited with our new storm water range which is bringing something entirely new sometime soon!


Can we expect to see more colours available in the Lauxes Grates collection?

Here at Lauxes Grates we don’t do boring, and our R&D department is always responding to the latest trends, researching, and developing what our customers want and need. Colours have been a hot topic for a while so stay tuned… We know everyone loves gold class!


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