Can I Use Large Tiles in a Shower? By Zephyr and Stone

  • Apr 19th, 2021
  • By: Lauxes_admin
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Can I Use Large Tiles In A Shower? By Zephyr and Stone

There’s no doubt that large format tiles look beautiful in bathrooms, and come with the added benefit of less grout lines. However, a common question that comes up is…

‘Can I use large tiles in a shower AND ensure good fall to my floor waste?’

Well the answer is YES!


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Zephyr and Stone • Scandi Ensuite

…and the solution is relatively simple if you plan ahead and specify the right products. You can even avoid lots of messy tile cuts and install large tiles that run neatly down to your waste. Here’s how…



Zephyr and Stone • Lauxes Grates Linear Tile Waste



You’re going to need to plan and specify for a linear floor waste. We use Lauxes Grates floor wastes as they come in long lengths of up to 5600mm or 5.6m, which your tradesperson can cut down onsite to fit perfectly to your bathroom dimensions. One of these long lengths can be used for the longest of showers, or cut down to any size to use in multiple showers.

Before any plumbing, waterproofing or floor screeding is done, it’s essential to plan where the floor waste will be located. You’ll need to make sure your builder, plumber and tiler know that you’re planning for this type of finish.

Communication is key between all trades in the early stages of your project.



Zephyr and Stone • Scandi Ensuite


Plumbing Prep

To avoid tile cuts, your linear floor waste should run the length or width of your shower. Your plumber will install the waste water pipes first. For a long shower with more than one shower head, you should consider more than one waste outlet, to ensure the water can flow away fast enough.



Zephyr and Stone • Lauxes Grates Linear Tile Waste


Tiling Prep

Your tiler will generally waterproof and prep the base for tiles. The floor waste will be installed during screeding of your shower base. Screeding is the laying of a base of sand and cement mix that your tiles will then be installed upon.

The screed is angled to fall towards the linear floor waste. Unlike a small square or round traditional floor waste, a linear floor waste allows you to keep the fall in your shower base running in a single direction and means there’s no need for numerous tile cuts.



Zephyr and Stone • Scandi Ensuite



Tiling with large tiles or small tiles is made easy with a linear floor waste, as your tiles can be laid neatly without having to deal with multiple floor angles. The Lauxes Grates waste we used in these bathrooms is the Slimline Tile insert – STI. Lauxes wastes are available in a range of colours so you have the option of matching your waste to your tapware or other bathroom finishes.



Zephyr and Stone • Lauxes Grates Linear Tile Waste


You absolutely can use large tiles in your new shower!

Communication with your tradespeople and planning in the early stages of your project is essential to achieving this seamless finish, that will add that designer look to your bathroom.


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