Channel Drain: The Modern and Efficient Solution for Water Waste Management

  • Aug 18th, 2023
  • By: Karina Taguchi

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The seamless integration of style, functionality, and innovation defines contemporary architectural and design projects. By continually seeking advanced and efficient solutions, industry professionals such as architects, builders, and interior designers can ensure that they meet their clients’ growing demands and expectations. 

One area that requires careful consideration and planning is water waste management. Efficient drainage systems are vital in maintaining the safety, hygiene, and overall functionality of various spaces, particularly wet areas like showers, bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools. Lauxes Grates, a leader in designing and manufacturing innovative drainage solutions, presents the stylish and modern channel drain system, a game-changer in water waste management for both residential and commercial applications.


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Channel drains, also known as linear drains, are elongated, narrow drainage systems that effectively and efficiently capture and drain water from surfaces. Their sleek design, durable materials, and ease of installation make them a preferred choice over traditional point drains for many industry professionals. Lauxes Grates’ channel drains are designed to meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics, addressing the unique requirements of various contemporary design projects.

This blog post will delve into channel drains, exploring their features, benefits, and applications in wet areas. We will also discuss the advantages of choosing Lauxes Grates for your channel drain needs and explore their various design options. By providing factual, informative, and engaging content, we aim to showcase the role of channel drains in revolutionising water waste management and to elevate your projects’ aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Let’s begin our journey into the modern world of channel drain systems, featuring the innovative solutions offered by Lauxes Grates. Channel drains boast various features that make them ideal for modern wet area applications. Here, we discuss the characteristics that set them apart from traditional point drains.


Sleek Modern Design


Sleek and Modern Design

Channel drains feature a linear design that adds a touch of sleek elegance to any space. This contemporary design is favoured by many architects and designers for its compatibility with various design styles, from minimalist to luxurious.


Efficient Water Collection and Drainage

The elongated shape of the channel drains allows for efficient water collection across their length, leading to faster drainage and reduced water buildup on surfaces. This feature minimises the risk of flooding or water damage in wet areas.


Customisable Lengths and Grate Options

Lauxes Grates’ channel drains offer customisable lengths to suit various space requirements, ensuring a seamless installation. Adding to their adaptability, these drains also come with different grate options, ranging from anodised aluminum finishes to tile insert designs, catering to a wide array of design preferences.


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Benefits of Channel Drains by Lauxes Grates

Beyond their modern design and efficient water drainage capabilities, channel drains by Lauxes Grates offer several other benefits that make them a smart choice for both residential and commercial projects.


  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

Lauxes Grates’ channel drains feature a unique click-together assembly system designed to make joining lenghts quick and straightforward. Moreover, their modular design enables easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing a long-lasting and hygienic drainage solution.


  • Durable Materials and Corrosion Resistance

Constructed from triple anodised aluminium, Lauxes Grates channel drains are built to last. These materials offer corrosion resistance, ensuring your drains maintain their visual appeal and functionality over time.


  • Versatile Applications and Customisable Options

Channel drains by Lauxes Grates can be seamlessly incorporated into various settings, including showers, bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools. With their customisable lengths and grate options, these drains provide a stylish and functional solution tailored to your project’s unique requirements.


  • Unleash Creativity with Stylish Grate Designs from Lauxes Grates

Lauxes Grates offers a selection of grate designs to suit the aesthetic preferences of contemporary design projects. These options allow designers, architects, and builders the freedom to create visually striking spaces while ensuring efficient water waste management.


  • Tile Insert Grates

Tile insert grates are another visually appealing option offered by Lauxes Grates. These grates allow you to insert the same tiles used in the surrounding area, creating a seamless and cohesive design. These grates deliver a sophisticated and unobtrusive solution for any wet area by concealing the drainage system beneath.


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Channel Drain Applications: Where to Use Lauxes Grates Solutions

Lauxes Grates channel drains cater to various wet area applications, adding both style and functionality to spaces.


  • Showers and Bathrooms

In showers and bathrooms, channel drains contribute to a clutter-free, stylish atmosphere. With their efficient water drainage capabilities, Lauxes Grates’ channel drains ensure that these spaces are safe and hygienic, minimising water buildup and preventing mould growth.


  • Balconies and Terraces

Channel drains by Lauxes Grates are an excellent water waste management solution for outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces. Their durable materials and efficient drainage design ensure that these areas remain safe and functional, regardless of the weather conditions.


  • Swimming Pools and Surrounds

In swimming pool areas, efficient and attractive water drainage solutions are essential for maintaining safety and visual appeal. Lauxes Grates’ channel drains cater to these requirements, ensuring that pool surrounds are free from excess water while adding elegance to the overall design.


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Transform Wet Area Design with Channel Drains by Lauxes Grates

By incorporating channel drains by Lauxes Grates into your design projects, you can elevate both their aesthetic appeal and functional performance. With their sleek design, efficient water drainage, easy installation, and versatile applications, Lauxes Grates channel drains are quickly becoming the preferred choice for designers, architects, and builders seeking the ultimate balance between style and functionality.

Begin exploring the world of channel drainage solutions and witness the transformation Lauxes Grates can bring to your showers, bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools. Embrace the innovation, style, and efficiency of Lauxes Grates channel drains, and leave a lasting impression on your clients and the industry.

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