Drain Covers: Versatile and Stylish Solutions for Water Waste Management

  • Aug 9th, 2023
  • By: Karina Taguchi


In the ever-evolving world of design and construction, professionals strive to offer sophisticated yet practical solutions for the diverse needs of their clients. Creating functional spaces that meet essential requirements while providing an aesthetically pleasing experience is the ultimate goal for architects, builders, tilers, and interior designers. 

One such crucial aspect in many residential and commercial projects is the effective management of water waste. Lauxes Grates, with its range of elegant drain covers, has effectively bridged the gap between functionality and visual appeal, offering an impressive and innovative solution for water waste management.


Silve Drain Cover In Garage

Drain covers play a significant role in maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and proper functioning of various wet area spaces, such as showers, bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools. However, traditional drain covers often compromise aesthetics, leaving a rather unappealing sight in stunningly designed settings. 

Lauxes Grates has crafted a range of drain covers that not only fulfil their primary function effectively but also add a touch of elegance to any space. With their stylish design and various customisable options, Lauxes Grates drain covers can effortlessly blend in or make a bold statement, depending on your project’s requirements.

In this blog post, we explore the world of drain covers and discuss their importance in contemporary design projects. We delve into the versatile applications and features of Lauxes Grates drain covers, highlighting their advantages in effectively managing water waste and enhancing space aesthetics. 

By offering an engaging and fact-filled insight into the world of drain covers, we aim to provide valuable information that will elevate your design and construction projects, leaving a lasting impression on your clients. So, let’s get started on our journey through Lauxes Grates’ drain covers and discover their many benefits.


Customisable Drain Cover

Combining Aesthetics and Functionality: Lauxes Grates Drain Covers

Lauxes Grates drain covers successfully merge style and practicality, ensuring that architects, builders, and interior designers can meet both the aesthetic and functional demands of their clients.


  • Visually Stunning Drainage Solutions

Lauxes Grates offers a range of designs and finishes, enabling professionals to choose the perfect drain cover to match their project’s specific design and style requirements. From sleek, minimalistic options to artistically crafted floor wastes, Lauxes Grates’ drain covers complement various contemporary, industrial, and classic design approaches.


  • Efficient Water Management and Drainage

Beyond their striking appearance, Lauxes Grates’ drain covers effectively remove water and waste from surfaces, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Adequate water waste management is critical for maintaining hygienic spaces, protecting structural integrity, and preventing accidents caused by slippery surfaces.


Black Outdoor Grates


Customisable Options to Suit Your Project’s Requirements

One of the numerous attributes that set Lauxes Grates’ drain covers apart is their customisability, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into your project’s unique design and style.


  • Materials and Finishes

Lauxes Grates drain covers are available in triple anodised aluminium, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Additionally, these materials withstand corrosion, ensuring their visual appeal and functionality remain consistent throughout the years. With several finishing options to choose from, including matte black and chrome plated, Lauxes Grates drain covers to cater to your project’s specific design preferences.


  • Sizes and Lengths

Lauxes Grates offer a diverse selection of drain cover sizes and lengths, catering to the unique dimensions your project may require. This versatility ensures you’ll find a drain cover solution tailored specifically to your needs.


Bathroom And Pool Projects

A World of Applications: Where to Use Lauxes Grates Drain Covers

Lauxes Grates drain covers cater to various wet area applications, from residential and commercial to public settings.


  • Bathrooms and Showers

Drain covers are necessary for bathroom and shower spaces, as they facilitate proper water drainage and promote a hygienic, clean environment. By integrating Lauxes Grates’ drain covers, designers and builders can enhance bathroom aesthetics while ensuring efficient waste management in these frequently wet areas.


  • Balconies and Outdoor Spaces

With their durable materials and various design choices, Lauxes Grates drain covers are ideal for outdoor applications, such as balconies and terraces. As outdoor spaces often experience various weather elements, it’s essential to have a reliable water drainage solution that maintains structural integrity and safety.


  • Swimming Pool Surrounds

Lauxes Grates’ drain covers are a superb choice for swimming pool surrounds, where efficient water drainage is essential for maintaining a safe environment. By incorporating stylish drain covers, pool areas can achieve a cohesive and modern look.


Grates Intalled On The Outdoors


Impactful Results: Boosting Property Value with Lauxes Grates Drain Covers

The inclusion of Lauxes Grates’ drain covers in design projects not only enhances their visual and functional appeal but also contributes significantly to increasing property value.


  • Attention to Detail

Lauxes Grates drain covers showcase meticulous attention to detail, which sets a property apart in the competitive market. Potential buyers and clients appreciate the inclusion of aesthetically pleasing and functional drain covers, creating a positive impression that could stimulate their interest in the property.


  • Longevity and Performance

Investing in durable, high-quality drain covers, like those from Lauxes Grates, ensures that a property’s water waste management system will perform well over time, contributing to its overall value. Lauxes Grates’ drain covers are made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring that they withstand the test of time and continue to function effectively.


Property Value Increase


Lauxes Grates’ drain covers offer a truly unique and multifaceted solution for effective water waste management. By seamlessly combining visual appeal and practical functionality, these drain covers elevate your design game and elevate your projects to new heights.

Whether your project involves a new bathroom, balcony, or swimming pool, Lauxes Grates’ range of customisable and stylish drain covers provide outstanding results that impress your clients and boost property value. 

Partner with Lauxes Grates to ensure your designs stand out in the ever-evolving architecture, construction, and interior design world. Feel free to contact us to explore our water drainage solutions

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