Lauxes Grates WaterMark Certification

  • Mar 25th, 2022
  • By: Lauxes_admin

100% certified under the Australian WaterMark Scheme

Lauxes Grates products are 100% certified under the Australian WaterMark Scheme, offering grate peace of mind to all trades, distributors and homeowners.

We want you to enjoy your new Lauxes grate for many years to come and we’re proud to provide this stringent certification as well as lifetime rustproof warranties and 25 year minimum guarantees on no fading or discoloration.

Our products have gone through tough testing conditions, through many different scenarios to ensure they are fit for the WaterMark certification.

Whether it’s an indoor shower application or an outdoor installation, rest asurred you’re getting a product that is designed and manufactured to last the long yards.

All certified Lauxes Grates linear channels are marked with the WaterMark logo.


WaterMark Logo WaterMark website for Lauxes certified products

So what is WaterMark?

WaterMark is a national scheme certifying plumbing and drainage products, managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). Products listed on the WaterMark website provide assurance to customers that they are fit for installation, tested and evaluated to meet the country’s standards.

If a drainage or plumbing product is listed on the official WaterMark website, it has been tested and evaluated thoroughly. All certified products are fit for purpose and are safe to be installed by a licensed trade. While it is legal to sell non-WaterMarked plumbing and drainage products, if it is not certified, it isn’t legally permitted to be installed and doing so can cause ramifications and costly consequences for trades. When planning your project, ensure you check that all applicable products are under the WaterMark scheme.

Lauxes Grates are committed to safe, affordable and reliable linear drainage. Check out our catalogue or head over our product page to see our WaterMarked products.


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